Who Do *I* Listen To Online and Why?

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I've been online a long time working in a couple of main specialties.

I am a finance expert offline, so business topics are always on my mind. Especially those involving money. My money. And your money.

I'm also involved in website design, content copywriting, and conversion optimization. I use these both for my websites and for client websites I manage.

It's a pretty crazy list of skills, in a way, but it comes naturally from what I used to do — and still do somewhat — offline. It makes me a good consultant. Plus, I just enjoy exercising both my left and right brains. Some days one more than the other.

So I decided to finally release this post — which I'll update regularly — with my current list of People I Listen To and Why.

I'll make it easy for you in case you're only interested in one of my "skill sets."

Business & Finance: People I Trust and Read

  • Entrepreneur Magazine (online) in the Entrepreneur.com's "Control What You Can" section. Also, their How To section: I know it's a sometimes-cliched choice, but I love this magazine both online and in print. The website frankly gets overwhelming in their total content, much of it that I don't find personally useful. But it's a great place to go look for useful content for my clients, too. When you are in "browse and learn" mode or "content creation" mode, this site is invaluable.

Personal Finance & Life Topics: People I Trust and Read

  • Frugal Living on About.com (FrugalLiving on About.com): I browse this site quite a bit. About.com can have wonderful content if you know where to look, and I'm always on the lookout for ways to budget, save money, and manage my financial life, as well as helping others I know with the same topics. It's a great starter for education about managing your money and saving it.

Website & Design Blogs: People I Trust and Read

  • SitePoint.com: When it comes to focused, solid information on a zillion website, design, and programming topics, SitePoint has no equal in my mind. Sure, there are Q&A sites out there that can have incredibly targeted answers to things, but when you want to learn, SitePoint winds for me hands-down.

Content Development & Copywriting Blogs: People I Trust and Read

  • Neil Patel of NeilPatel.com: He's got some serious skills, and he teaches well on the articles on his blog. He's developed a huge audience and many posts focus on how you can improve your blog in a wide range of ways. I've learned plenty about building audiences and traffic from him.
  • Paul Myers at TalkBizNews.com: I've been reading Paul's newsletters for ages now. He has an incredible subscriber list, and his content is top-notch every time. Sometimes he varies widely in his topics for a newsletter, but I've never found one that wasn't incredibly informative. Often it is even entertaining. As an all-around business online / blog writer, he's top-notch.

Conversion & Optimization Blogs: People I Trust and Read

  • Sean D'Souza at Psychotactics.com: When I first found Sean's site, I was blown away by the quality of what he had to say. He's got some products that are pure gold, and he's a teacher with the mindset to teach you to "do" and not just "learn information." That's not even counting the tons of free content about how audiences behave, learning to target them better, and so much more. You could spend weeks just reading, so bring some focus with you when you visit.
  • Jon Morrow of Boostblogtraffic.com: Again, another serious teacher of the best stuff on conversions. Frankly, he could be in the content development section, too, but he focuses on the target audience so well I had to add him here.


This list is likely to grow, shrink, and change every so often based on my ongoing experiences online. Sometimes the people I listen to no longer discuss topics that matter to me in my current journey. Sometimes new folks come along who have developed my unquestioning trust in their content over time. And I expect over time my own interest and expertise will grow or change, leading to new people to follow.

And, so you know, nobody makes it onto this list until I've been reading a ton of their content — enough to be certain that they belong on my "People I Trust" reading list. No junk here. I want these recommendations to help you, not burden you with even more junky online content to consume.

Thanks for reading and I hope you get some good out of my list.

Who do you trust? Which bloggers and experts online are your go-to content publishers for your own learning and growth? Share your favorites below in the comments.