Does Your Shipper Require Thermal Labels? DYMO LabelWriter 4XL Makes It Easy

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Are you tired of hassling with your shipping company about properly-formatted and aligned thermal labels? Are you hunting for a quality thermal printer that excels at the larger 4x6" thermal printed shipping labels?

Why Consider DYMO?

DYMO has been making thermal label printers in many configurations for years, and they are at the top of the market for quality printing, long-lasting printers, and simple setup and daily use.

Unlike most label printers for shipping, they are economical, easy to use, and fast, too. Usually, you're lucky if you can find 2 out of 3 of those features in any other printer. You don't have to settle for anything less than the best for your small business, and it won't break your budget, either. Especially when you consider their average lifetime of use without breaking.

Most standard label printers won't handle 4x6" thermal labels, and that's a big standard size for the major shipping companies.

However, if you use UPS labels, it doesn't meet their particular requirements, so be sure you won't be trying to run UPS-standard labels from your printer.

If you use Fedex, I've checked with them for myself, and they have this printer on their "good printer for our labels" list. The tech I talked to about the thermal label requirements thought highly of DYMO printers in general, as well.

You also have the option for more standard size labels like address, file folder, name badge, and media labels (CD/DVD, etc.). One thing I love about DYMO is that you buy the roll of thermal labels and that's all it takes — no hassling with toner cartridges, ink, or anything else. They're easy to load, and you don't have to buy more than a roll of your favorite sizes if you won't use them up fast.

I do suggest here that you purchase the combo pack with one roll of 220-count 4x6" labels if you're planning on doing shipping labels. But you don't have to do that. You can buy whatever label sizes you need, and just buy the printer. I did the math, and the combo package costs the same as if you bought the printer separately and then the labels. But I wouldn't be surprised if shipping was lower for the single package.

How Would I Rate DYMO for Quality and Durability?

With a solid 4-star Amazon rating and a solid 725+ ratings, this is a popular seller on Amazon for thermal label printers. It's the #1 Bestseller in Desktop Label Printers and #4 in Packaging and Shipping Supplies. Need I say more?

And I can tell you from long-time personal experience using them, DYMO label printers are tough little guys. We've had 3 different ones (our current we upgraded to the Twin Turbo to do side-by-side labels and stamps about 6 years ago) for nearly 15 years. They're durable and last almost forever in electronics years. In every case, we've kept the older DYMO for a backup or in the case of the second one we replaced, we gave it to my mom for her business. And she still uses it to this day.

Plus, they are small. They won't hog your desk. In fact, we have a side table beside my working desk. You know the kind - 3 levels of adjustable shelves. Our DYMO tucks nicely into a corner of one shelf. The biggest danger is when you pick it up, you forget how lightweight it really is and forget to grip it. I almost sent ours flying across the office once when I yanked it out to change a label roll. Oops.

The worst thing that has ever happened to ours is mis-loading the labels and having them jam once or twice. As soon as we backed up the jam, it came right out and we were back to printing in a couple of minutes. And that was clearly a case of user error. But even as hopeless as I am about getting labels into a printer, even I manage the replace the empty rolls most of the time without help.

Our Recommendation If You Need a Dependable, Inexpensive Thermal Printer for Shipping Labels

Get it. You won't be sorry. I sure wasn't sorry with ours.