Three Job Skills That Can Make Or Break An Interview

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job interview skills to make you stand out

Job Hunting Can Be Hell

Money is an important part of your life. And a critical one to getting those bills paid, right?

So if you're out of work, or know someone else who is, I want to share with you three job skills you might not consider to be a "make-or-break" in getting a job offer.

Job Skill #1: Speed In Finishing Your Tasks

Now who would consider speed more important than specific skills, or personality, or some other major item in a job interview?

Me, for one, and a lot of business owners I talk to.

When you reach the interview phase, you've already weeded people out and found the ones with pretty good skill sets. And a few questions will tell you whether or not these folks have ability.

But in every business environment I've ever worked in, there comes a time that the work needs to happen FAST. Every business has deadlines, and the employee's ability to ramp up the speed and deliver the goods within the deadline can make or break a business project.

So a qualified employee who can't accelerate rapidly and successfully when needed isn't as good a candidate.

Demonstrate in the interview how you've shown your stuff in meeting an impossible deadline for your employer. They'll appreciate the skill, especially with a real-life example of your talent in that.

Job Skill #2: World-Class Attention To Detail

Now you're probably mad at me. Speed AND attention to detail? Sure. Right. In your dreams.

It's not a common skill set out of the chute. But it can be learned over time, and you can improve the combination with practice. And it's an incredible pair of skills to combine.

Attention to details — all those nitty-gritty little things that make your work top-notch — means that you don't embarrass your employer with mistakes while you're cranking out that work at high speed. So add that into your "interview story" about your skills.

Many employers will doubt you have the skill set you claim, until you've got a solid, well-thought-out, detailed story about meeting a critical company deadline for an employer. And, man, if your story includes saving the company money or winning them business at the same time, you're golden.

Job Skill #3: A VERY Good Sense of Humor

What's that good for, you ask?

For starters, your sanity.

If you're ever done a high-speed project requiring perfect output for a client of your employer who is a major pain in the ass, or worked with a fellow employee who tries your nerves at every turn, you know why you need that sense of humor.

If you can't laugh, you'll cry. Or commit hari-kari (Japanese Seppuku). Neither one is good for your long-term health.

So find a good story to demonstrate your ability to roll with the punches in your work. Maybe you can do a grand slam and fit all three traits into the Big Story by mentioning how you used your sense of humor to keep you on the top of your game during the stressful moments.

Make Or Break Time In An Interview

You don't always have time in an interview to tell lots of stories. Maybe just one opportunity, in fact. But come in armed with a solid story. You made it as far as the interview because you already made the basic skills cut. Now use these three job skills to stand out from the rest.

What do you consider the most important skills for winning a job from an interview? Help out other readers in their search for future employment.