Track Your Marketing Success With Statistics Analysis

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strategyRegular analysis of your online marketing statistics is needed for you to best assess the effectiveness of your various marketing plan strategies and tactics.

If you don't know what is going on behind the scenes, you don't know what to scale up and what to scale back.

To properly manage your Internet marketing plan on an ongoing basis, you need regular input before, during, and after you implement some tactic or method.

They say that no battle plan survives first contact with the enemy. Well the same thing is true for Internet marketing plans. The watchword is adapt or die.

What is the Value of Marketing Statistics Analysis to Your Company?

Once the opening salvo in your marketing plan battle has been fired, you need regular input from the battlefield in order to keep your marketing plan up-to-date and on-track.

As a business, you don't want to dump good money after bad.

Keeping track of your marketing statistics isn't hard with the right software. You can use special online web services to track the effects of your marketing plan online. Then you roll that information back into managing your marketing plan so you can adapt for maximum value.

Statistics include information about numbers of visitors to the site and each page, how long the visitors stick around, what areas of content they spend the most time viewing, where they came from to visit your site, what search terms they used to find your content, and much more.

The more user marketing intelligence you have, the more refined you can make your Internet marketing.

How Do You Do Marketing Statistics Analysis?

You can set up tracking software to monitor the types of information I mentioned above. The key, however, isn't in having the statistics available, it's in knowing what they mean.

You should review this information regularly and use it to increase marketing on channels and with keywords that are succeeding, and determine whether to adjust or discontinue other elements of your marketing plan. Google Analytics is free, and it is also one of the most mature statistics programs online. There are tons of articles online for maximizing its use, and Google's own Help Section is actually pretty good in itself.

Your Potential Return on Investment (ROI) from Analysis of Your Marketing Stats

The key to high Internet marketing ROI is maximizing your gains from successful tactics, adjusting elements that need an additional push or change, and discontinuing methods that are showing negative results or which aren't successful enough compared to the implementation and maintenance cost.

Without measurable and detailed data, you can't tell the difference between winners and losers in the marketing plan management game. So, for maximum ROI, track and analyze your results.

Have you ever used an online statistics service for tracking your marketing? How did it work for you? Any tips to share?