Top 5 Tips For Marketing Effectively With Slide Presentations

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Every business owner with Microsoft Office installed knows about Powerpoint. Doesn't matter which version you have installed. Powerpoint Slides are considered "the way to go" for marketing presentations with slides.

With the increase in content marketing online, sites like are offering a great opportunity for companies to publish their content across Internet and gain additional leads and traffic.

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However, you should definitely also consider these Top 5 Tips for your Powerpoint presentation to make sure you are marketing effectively.

  1. Contrast is good between slide backgrounds and text colors. But don't overdo it. Headache-creating contrasts like red on black, yellow on black, or other unattractive color combinations won't make your audience appreciate you. And they'll spend less time looking at the information on your slides.
  2. You should be generous with your white space. It sets the tone of your presentation, and it affects usability and readability. White space has impact. And you should concentrate your best white space around the most important items on the slide to focus your listener's eye.
  3. Other than a corporate logo or one design graphic to emphasize branding, you should use no more than one graphic or illustrative chart on a page.
  4. Avoid any distracting transitions on your slide presentation. It takes away from your message by making you look like an amateur. Good old-fashioned basics is the way to go. The pretty presentation of your information is not the point. Making the sale is what you are after.
  5. Don't overwhelm any slides with too much information. The safest rule to follow is the 666 Rule. No more than 6 bullets per slide, 6 words per bullet, and 6 word slides presented back-to-back. Anything more will overwhelm the audience and they'll miss part of your critical message.

So there's the big tips for marketing effectively using Powerpoint slide presentations. Follow these basic tips and you'll have a much better speaking experience next time out.

Are you an experienced public speaker or marketer who uses slideshow presentations? Do you have any other tips to share with us?