Should You Perform Regular Reputation Management?

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How To Keep Track of Your Brand Using Social Media Reputation Management and Monitoring

Plan and Manage Your Business Brand and Reputation

Plan and Manage Your Business Brand and Reputation

This is a tricky subject to discuss, which is definitely unfortunate. When businesses are choosing where to invest hard-earned dollars, monitoring services and reactive activities like reputation management tend to lose out to seemingly "more useful" services.

The problem with services like this is the difficulty in quantifying the return on investment for an ongoing fee. How do you put a value on the absence of a negative?

What is the Value of Social Media Monitoring and Reputation Management?

Although car maintenance isn't as obvious as a new paint job or detailing for your car, it's still a necessity for your car to deliver good service. At least if you want it to keep running.

Reputation management is like car maintenance. You need to regularly monitor where you stand in the social media networks — comments, mentions, negative reviews, and more — or a total disaster could sneak up on your brand and knock you for a hard fall before you're even aware of it headed your way.

Monitoring and reputation management are a social media one-two punch that you need in the modern "social Internet." There are so many channels for sharing information about your company and a regular process is the best way to keep tabs without things falling through the gap.

And if something comes up — bad reviews, a former employee or former customer who slams your customer service, out-and-out lying by competitors — you've got to be trained on how to respond to the negatives, and you've got to know that the issue came up in the first place.

And if you get some positive feedback, regular social media monitoring uncovers that, too, and allows you to interact socially with that information, sharing it out to fans and prospects to boost your brand.

53% of users of social networking sites use consumer reviews to help choose local businesses to use (Search Engine Watch, even back in October of 2009) Don't you think it would be a good idea to know about reviews and make sure you've positively dealt with any issues?

Your Potential Return on Investment (ROI) from Reputation Management

For the most part, the ROI on reputation management is avoiding problems that could arise. By carefully managing your company brand, you don't end up on the losing end of the reputation game. Nothing bad happens, and you don't have to waste your time, staff time, or your money having a professional company help you to rescue your brand. That's a solid savings. But sometimes it seems a little wishy-washy compared to real dollars in.

But even if you have a hard time calculating the savings of a non-disaster, there is a positive ROI for reputation management. In all that monitoring and watching, you have the opportunity to discover the "positive elements" of your brand as broadcast by friendly parties in social media, review sites, and more.

Once you've discovered these gems, you can spread the word about this fabulously useful information to your network. And that can translate to prospects, sales, revenue, goodwill, and enhanced trust.

And those elements of positive ROI are something you cannot purchase at any price.

Do you monitor your company's brand and reputation online? Has it been helpful to prevent disaster? Has it helped your company to grow in positive ways?