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Building Your Brand With Brand Advocates

Building Your Brand With Brand Advocates

One of the things I hear asked all the time from clients is how they can share the positive experiences people have with their company and their products or services.

It's a phenomenon we run into all the time. People love your business, but they don't like to take the time to do a review, or write it down, or maybe they just get busy and forget. So they ask us how to get the word out.

One solution I recommend is to cultivate your "brand advocates." Brand advocates are people who love your company, and who have an outgoing personality. They love to connect with people with similar interests, and get a big kick out of sharing their personal knowledge with their circle of friends.

Don't try to change the leopard's spots and get someone to share who doesn't want to. Find people who like to share.

Brand advocates are predisposed towards sharing, enjoy helping people they know, and are motivated by the recognition they get from others by providing them with helpful information.

You Can Create a Win-Win-Win Situation by Connecting with Brand Advocates

You win because you've got fans out there talking about you in great ways, and with lots of people. Brand advocates usually have a lot of connections. Advocates are highly trusted individuals within their circles and according to research they are 1.5 times more likely to value being seen as a reliable source of information. They enjoy the recognition, and you can help them get that recognition.

If you actively recognize their advocacy and offer special ways to spread the word that help them feel good about both you and the knowledge they share with their circle, you'll both win. And by getting good information out to their friends, you build your brand audience wider.

Best of all, you can work together with your advocates, maybe even by offering them some special knowledge that isn't "out in the wild" yet, so you give them a chance to share their enthusiasm for your brand, help out their friends, and get the enjoyment of being in the know and sharing it.

Oddly enough, even though you might stress about promoting your business brand, over half of the advocates you find out sharing their experiences say they find it a form of relaxation.

So you can seek out people who already love your brand and are sharing their experiences and help them take the next step to being a brand advocate. All it takes is some of your time, and some positive recognition and personal care to build a solid relationship with them. Everybody wins.

Have you ever been a brand advocate? Or know someone who has raved about a brand? How does your business attract brand advocates?