Susan R. Davis, main writer

With tons of content being published every day on the Internet, and tons of junk at that, who do you spend your time reading? Who can you trust for solid content and insights in various areas? If you've been online a long time, like I have, you realize that you can't just read every bit of content and blogger that comes along. You learn to cherry-pick the best. And that saves you time, too. Focus, and screen out the ones that don't help. I've added my list here.

QuickBooks Pro 2016

Once again, it's time to upgrade QuickBooks if your version is below 2014. Read our comparison to help you decide which version and year you should buy or upgrade to. While you may balk at upgrading just because Intuit says so, they won't provide security fixes, bug fixes, or any updates or support to your software if you aren't on a supported version. So painful as it is to be forced to upgrade, here's our take on the best version choices.