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Susan R. Davis, main writer

Susan R. Davis

Hi, I'm Susan Davis. Welcome to SusanRDavis.com and Spotlight On the Real World.

Spotlight On The Real World is written and edited by me, and represents my more personal "take" on the real world as compared to the magazine sites I edit through Real World Reviews.

I've written for a number of blogs and sites, but given my somewhat diverse interests, I really like the extra freedom that comes with having a blog of my own to share my content with you. You'll find a wide range of topics covered here, and I'm always open to input from you — my readers — for areas you'd like to read more about. Always feel free to contact me with your requests, questions, or interests.

Editorial requirements are consistent with the Real World Reviews policies and procedures, but the content focuses on three general categories.

  1. My General Musings on the Real World
  2. Business-related Tips, Thoughts, and Ideas
  3. Reviews of Gadgets, Gizmos, and whatever catches my eye. And I sure do have a roving eye! You're sure to see a few oddball reviews here.

I love running my own business along with my husband Mike, and SusanRDavis.com gives me a chance to break outside the everyday mold and cover all kinds of interesting topics: Business, gadgets, gizmos, general thoughts on the real world. You name it, you'll probably find something interesting to read here.

Again, welcome to my blog, and I look forward to interacting with you here.